Keep Guests Connected to the Hotel

The HCN Navigator Tablet is a powerful platform for you, the hotelier, to market to and service your guest. We make travel easier by keeping guests connected to the hotel, city and each other. Check out this short video to find out more. 

Hotel Marketing & Brand Promotion

100% inclusive, The HCN Navigator is live from 8am-11pm daily. It is a powerful platform for you, the hotelier, to market to and service your guest. Eliminate the paper and enable interactive transactions that create instant reservations and product sales.

Ultimate Digital Dining Experience

Order out and DineIN! Offer your guests this innovative alternative to Room Service or digitally augment your Room Service with the DineIN app and see an immediate increase in your average check. Our DineIN application is fully customizable to your hotel needs.

Streamline Communication

Provide real-time updates to guests using our publisher application. Allow guests to make requests or chat with the concierge from the comfort of their room at their pace.

Keep Guests Connected

Keep guests connected to the hotel and the city. Replace the compendium and provide guests with real-time valuable information right at their fingertips as they need it.

Enhance The Event Experience

Differentiate yourself and drive group business with our patented EVENTcasting package. Reach every attendees offering branding and sponsorship opportunities. Ask about our VIP Event Package, it makes in room branding simple, green and profitable.

Request A Demo

No two hotels are the same,  we customize the HCN Navigator to fit your specific needs. Start creating new and innovative guest experiences today!