Hotel Dining Solutions

Increase your room services interaction with a digital ordering solution. The Ultimate Hospitality Food and Beverage Technology

Give your guest the ultimate digital dining experience with innovative hospitality food and beverage technology. Interactive room menus and innovative upselling techniques have proven to increase room orders by 20%-30%. If you do not have on-property restaurants or room service, offer guests the option to order from hand-picked local restaurants and earn from each order on our revenue sharing model. Make it easy by allowing guests to charge order to their room, or pay via credit card on our secure in-room tablet. 


  • Increase average room dining check by 20%-30%
  • Earn revenue by offering dining from local restaurants
  • Easy guest billing: charge to room or by credit card
  • ROI: A 400-room hotel running 75% occupancy and realizing 8% of guests ordering in room dining could increase room service revenues by $10.95 per room per month which totals $4,380 per month or $52,560 per year.  

Find out how to earn more revenue with each room by offering an innovative dining solution

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