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At HCN... We Put A Tablet In Every Guest Room

We are a network of tablets that assist the hotelier in...

Innovating Hotel Services, Marketing and Brand Promotion

Extending the Meeting & Convention Experience

100% Inclusive, Reaching Every Guest

Introducing Our Food & Beverage Enterprise Solution

Staying Connected

The HCN Navigator Tablet is a powerful platform for you, the hotelier, to market to and service your guest. We make travel easier by keeping guests connected to the hotel, city and each other.

We customize screens for your specific needs. We also offer many features including instant guest alerts, guest surveys, folio review and check out, departmental on-screen links and so much more.

Why HCN?

Hotel Marketing & Brand Promotion

Promote hotel amenities, encourage loyalty program signups or even the download of your brand mobile app.

Innovative Event Experience

Create new revenue opportunities and relay information in real time to your attendee’s with our patented group broadcasting system.

Increased Guest Satisfaction

The Navigator Tablet is 100% inclusive delivering dynamic content that enables guests to interact in real time.

Hotel Services

Enhance Room Service and keep the Compendium current while offering an innovative service to your guests that allows them to explore the city and hotel all from the comfort of their room.

Guest Experience

Customize your content on the Navigator to engage with your guests and enable them to interact where and how they wish.

Event Experience

Differentiate yourself! Wow your attendee’s with real time communication and the ability to send messages to groups or rooms and even groups of hotels.

Hotel Marketing

100% Inclusive! Promote hotel amenities, encourage loyalty program signups or even the download the hotel mobile app.

Our Service Guarantee

We are partners in each other’s success! HCN is committed to delivering world-class customer service to our hotel partners through detailed onboarding, 24 hours help center support, spare tablets, and much more.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Every General Manager is responsible for three key elements: Revenues, Profit, and Customer Satisfaction. The HCN Navigator does all three.

John Wells

General Manager, Hilton Chicago

Real-Time control and flexibility on content engages guests with what’s meaningful to them: from city-wide convention details to the Concierge’s secret breakfast recommendation.

Bernd Pichler

Director of Rooms, Fairmont San Francisco

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