Letter from the CEO

While these have been challenging times there are encouraging signs that the worst is behind us now. Despite the severity of the impact on the travel and hospitality industry we at HCN have remained strong in support of our customers, maintaining our signature high level of support and helping our clients keep in constant communication with their guests when it was most needed.


We are also deeply committed to adapting our offering to the “new normal” that will be a necessity for our clients and their guests going forward. Our tablet platform is already a focal point for guest communication and interaction, with features like Guest Choice, Guest Check-out and DineIN, and you can expect to see major advances in voice control, making these features and more truly “contactless”.


But we won’t stop there. We are working with key industry partners to create a deeply sanitized and safe guest room environment, combining UV-C sterile technology and additional contactless features, eliminating touchpoints in the room including TV, lights, thermostat, and more. One device, safely sanitized, providing the guest with a voice activated command center for maximum safety and security.


This is also the time to rethink room service. Our DineIN service brings the best local cuisine from a hand-picked selection of top-end restaurants. HCN works with our clients to establish a safety and security protocol for delivery, and offers a “bill to room” feature that is wildly popular with guests. DineIN could become a new profit center. Now may be the time to move away from the old room service paradigm.  

Kevin Bidner