OTTAWA, June 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Hotel Communication Network, Inc. (HCN) is now rolling out the digital platform that will change the Travel Industry.

A striking new development has hit the travel industry in San Francisco–a new digital platform that creates a ‘portal to the network’ in every guestroom in many of the city’s top downtown hotels, including The Hilton Union Square, San Francisco Marriott Marquis, Fairmont Nob Hill and Hotel Nikko San Francisco.

The HCN ‘City-Wide’ digital platform creates a new communication network that keeps travelers connected to their hotel, city, and each other. Through intra-hotel communication for citywide groups, local and national advertising opportunities, and transactions that revolutionize travel, this network creates multiple recurring revenue streams.

“Free to use, guests love the simplified access to the hotel and city. Our data indicates that 85% of guests use the system, which grants great value to the hotelier and assures the successful entry of this technology into the industry,” says Kevin Bidner, HCN’s Chief Executive Officer. “Hotels are able to eliminate paper and progress away from unprofitable and outdated services such as traditional concierge desks and money-losing room service while replacing them with a virtual solution, HCN’s in-room tablets.”

The HCN in-room tablets provide a powerful new update to the guestroom that gives guests instant access to real-time information about the hotel and local area to exceed the expectations of the next generation traveler.

HCN is activating this hotel network across the country, with upcoming installations in the top properties in major US markets.  HCN will be a participant at the upcoming Marcum Microcap Conference, June 15-16.

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