Ottawa, Canada, June 24, 2013 – The Hotel Communication Network, Inc. (the “Company” or “HCN”) today announced that it has successfully concluded field trials of its “Free-to-Hotel” communications infrastructure program in key flagship hotel properties in Chicago, the Chicago Hilton & Towers, The Chicago InterContinental and the Millennium Knickerbocker.

Under the program, HCN effectively eliminates the cost of equipment and infrastructure to hotelier customers through developing alternative revenue streams from various stakeholders.

Kevin Bidner, President of HCN, said that “The success of this installation is a landmark breakthrough for the industry, paving the way for a national rollout under a business model that removes the cost barrier to providing a better guest experience. In addition, it provides our hotel clients with a more effective hotel , meeting and convention communications solution that enables them to enjoy the benefits of the technology without having to bear the costs”.

Bidner added that “we are extremely pleased that with 100% penetration of our HCN network into the guest rooms at these properties, we saw a 70%+ guest take-up rate for our service. This is a remarkably better result than competing offerings in the market today. For example, interactive information over the television (IPTV) garners only about 7% to 10% guest usage. While mobile apps may seem appealing, guests generally don’t like to clutter their personal devices with service applications that they don’t use on a day-to-day basis.”

Key Benefits to the HCN Network Solution:

  • Value to the Guest – complete business center in the room, full internet access, social networking, entertainment, interactive hotel services, city directories with full interactivity and convention dashboard;
  • Value to the Hotel – removal of all paper from the guestroom, reduction of room-service and guest operators, reduction of concierge costs, engaging and direct hotel service promotion to the guest, competitive advantages for group business through value-added offerings, increased revenues,  and higher customer loyalty; and
  • Value to Local Business – more effective promotion of services to guests.

John Wells, General Manager of the 1550 room Hilton Chicago, said that “HCN is a breakthrough for the hotelier. For the first time I can directly reach every guest in every room with instant personal communication with the ability to customize Hotel service offerings including our room service menu. Customers today want information that is current, fast and accessible. With the HCN Navigator in all of my guest rooms I have increased guest satisfaction and a competitive advantage in my marketplace.”

HCN has installed close to 3,000 units in Chicago, with an additional 2,000 rooms to be installed this fall, and is in the process of selecting its second city for installation of another 6,000 to 8,000 rooms.

About The Hotel Communication Network, Inc.

The Hotel Communication Network, Inc. (HCN) is  a leading provider of guestroom computers to hotel properties. HCN’s Navigator in-room computers and tablets provide guests and convention attendees a “smart screen” to access hotel services, local dining and tourism venues and meeting information. Under HCN’s unique business model, the deployment and maintenance of the Navigator computers are heavily subsidized by revenue from various sources including the guest, local tourism related businesses and meetings and conventions that utilize HCN’s in-room computer network to provide useful, timely information to attendees. For more information about Hotel Communications Network, please visit