Addressing the New Normal, The Contact-Free Solution

We at HCN have demonstrated time and again a commitment and dedication to meeting the needs of our clients and their guests. The Covid-19 pandemic amplifies our commitment and drives our focus to build on our solutions and illustrate how to best support the New Normal. Here are some examples:

Voice Controls

    • A virtual assistant at the guest’s command
    • Control lights, thermostat and even the TV by voice
    • Whatever is needed, just ask (pillows, late checkout, reservations, etc.)

UV Sanitized for your safety

    • The tablet is UV sanitized and is germ and virus free


    • The best local cuisine hand picked for quality and safety
    • Security and sanitization protocol
    • Secure and contact-free billing to room
    • Offer access to great meals without the kitchen and room service costs
    • Voice enabled

Guest Choice 

    • Customize guest housekeeping requests
    • Protect guest privacy and security
    • Voice-enabled



  • Keep your guests informed with Dynamic Messaging to individuals, groups or the entire hotel


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